IBREA Conferences + Interviews

Using Blockchain for Real Estate Title and Conveyancing

Panelists: James Salmon, Lewis Cohen, Ovidio Diaz Espino Moderator: Ragnar Lifthrasir


Using Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency to Buy Real Estate

Panelists: Piper Moretti, Alexandra Levin Kramer, Anya Levitov, and William Skelley. Moderator: Ragnar Lifthrasir


Tokenization and Initial Coin Offerings

Panelists: Gerald Reihsen, Patrick Baron, Lewis Cohen and Hendrik Tanjaya Tan Moderator: Ragnar Lifthrasir


Blockchain Real Estate Startup Panel

Panelists: Michael Beckerman, David Knowles, and Josh Panknin Moderator: Ragnar Lifthrasir


IBREA President Alexandra Levin Kramer's Opening Remarks

IBREA President Alexandra Levin Kramer opens the Conference with an overview of IBREA and a discussion in ICOs.


IBREA Founder Ragnar Lifthrasir's Address

Ragnar Lifthrasir discusses how blockchains will one day replace networks and the role of token incentives.


Blockchain Real Estate Around the World - IBREA Chapter Chairs

Panelists: James Dearsley, Carolina Agurto, Alex Dell Orto, Denis Nemstev, and John Dean Markunas Moderator: Alexandra Levin Kramer


Highlights of the 2017 International Blockchain Real Estate Association Conference

The sold out conference took place on October 10th in conjunction with NYC Real Estate Tech Week.