Leadership Council Directory

Our members include professionals in real estate development, investment, escrow, title, law, brokerage, government and marketing. On the technology side, we have members who work in Bitcoin/ blockchain, IT,  hardware, mobile, startups, venture capital, academia, open source software, and cryptography.


 Henry Elder President, IBREA. Head of Real Estate, Digital Asset Advisors

Gilbert Chenyi Gwe Managing Partner, Bert & Kody Property Investments Ltd, UK.

Michael O'Mara     Broker, Atlantic Retail Properties, LLC

Tatiana Revoredo    Founding Member, Oxford Blockchain Foundation

Tim Allison    National Executive Managing Director & Real Estate Management, Colliers International

Karen Whitt     President of Investor Services & Real Estate Management, Colliers International

Brent Bunger     EVP,  Ilan Investments LLC

Jack Berube    CEO, Pathway RE

Mike Kriel    CEO, Launch Workplaces

Nadeem Akram    Director of P Coin LTD

Eric Lefteroff     Global Real Estate Strategist, Gensler

Chris Haran     Chief Technology Officer, MRED

Gurjit Singh     Senior Vice President, Dubai World Trade Center

Paul Saint-Pierre     Financial Services Avisor, PSP Advisors LLC

Sushanta Kumar Das     Masters of Science in Business Analytics, NYU University

Antonio Amusategui Batalla     Lawyer and Arbitrator, Gabinete Legal

Nicola Davolio    CEO & Founder, Nest Holding

Scott Picken     Founder & CEO, Wealth Migrate

Shawn Whitaker     CEO, MLS Data Tools LLC

Daren Hebold      Founder & Managing Director, LUXOLO Financial

Maurine Karabatsos     CEO, QR Game Plan

James Dearsley    Founder, The Digital Marketing Bureau

Gabriel Borges     CEO, ConnectData Technologies

Duncan Schieb     Luxury Sales & Marketing Consultant, Boss Hunting LLC

Tina Anderlic Jelenc     Chief Investment and Sales Officer, Reitenburg GmbH

Kevin Nolen     Broker, Cushman & Wakefield

Ashutosh Kumar      Real Estate Masters Candidate, Georgetown University

Amir Baluch     Fund Manager, Smart Block Capital

John Fohr     Managing Director, BuilderChain

John Delia     Founder & CEO, Housing Joint Venture

Sarah Young     VP of Reverse Mortgage Operations, Resolute Bank

Karen Koogler     CEO, The Koogler Group LLC

Lutz Thelen      Founder, Elea Labs AG

Sabine Schoorl      Marketeer Innovator Strategist

Alexandra Levin Kramer     Blockchain Attorney, CKR Law LLP

Noga Golan      MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Individual Membership Types


IBREA membership is free for all individual members. Our collaborative, non-profit organization is dedicated to furthering the adoption of blockchain technologies across all facets of the real estate industry. Therefore we welcome every type of participant, with increasing levels of involvement and responsibilities.


Basic Member

ibrea exists to benefit its members. we invite anyone with an interest in blockchain and real estate to join the conversation!

Membership Benefits

  1. Join IBREA's LinkedIn Group to network with other blockchain real estate entrepreneurs and stay ahead on industry updates, trends and opportunities.

  2. Name, professional title and LinkedIn profile featured on IBREA's Member Directory. Gain exposure and valuable networking.

  3. Take advantage of IBREA’s partnerships with major blockchain conferences around the world to get special discounts and access.

  4. Submit articles, podcasts, videos, and other content to be published or included in IBREA’s Library, subject to review.


Contributing Member

The contributing members are the lifeblood of ibrea. as the oldest global non-profit focused on blockchain and real estate, we offer incredible opportunities for anyone willing to dedicate time and effort to the ibrea mission.

Membership Benefits

  1. All Basic Member benefits with prominent featuring in the Member Directory.

  2. Participate in various Working Groups and interface with entrepreneurs, experts, regulators, and legislators all over the world.

  3. Become an IBREA Library Curator - Create, coordinate, and produce IBREA-branded content such as videos, podcasts, and articles.

  4. Directly work with and support the IBREA Administration, including representing IBREA at various conferences and other events.

  5. Discounted access to IBREA-sponsored events.


Leadership Council

our leadership is comprised of the most experienced, dedicated, and qualified blockchain real estate professionals in the world. Our leaders are sourced directly from the contributing members of ibrea.

Membership Benefits

  1. Leadership role of a Working Group, Regional MeetUp, or IBREA administration.

  2. Represent IBREA on panels and presentations at various conferences and events.

  3. Publish content under the IBREA brand.

  4. Free access to IBREA-sponsored events.

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